COVID-19: Get vaccinated

COVID vaccines are now available in the UK. Make sure you get yours as soon as it is offered.

Most people with Dyskeratosis congenita and Telomere Biology Disorders will be classified as “extremely vulnerable” and will have priority for vaccination.

All currently available and future COVID vaccines are suitable for those with dyskeratosis congenita. This includes the Pfizer-BioNTech, Oxford-Astra Zeneca and Moderna vaccines. These vaccines have been tested on tens of thousands of people, many with pre-existing health conditions. The vaccines show a very high level of safety.

If your immune system is affected or if you have a low white blood cell count, your protection may be lower. Vaccination is still recommended as it may still provide some protection against infection and lower the risk of severe COVID.

Make sure your family and friends are vaccinated as soon as possible too. By protecting themselves, they will also protect you. This is particularly important for household members.

Still unsure or concerned? Ask your doctor or contact DC Action (

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