Healthy Bone Marrow Alliance bids for Lottery funding to strengthen community support

DC Action is working with six other small, rare bone marrow failure charities as part of the Together for Healthy Bone Marrow Alliance. Other members are The Aplastic Anaemia Trust, PNH Support, Congenital Anaemia Network (CAN), DBA UK, SDS UK and Fanconi Hope. Meeting regularly, we share best practice and learn from each other’s experiences. This is particularly valuable as we navigate the continued impact of Covid-19.  

The Together for Healthy Bone Marrow Alliance is now developing a bid to the National Lottery Community Fund Partnerships programme to help us do more for our communities and strengthen our charities. If successful, the bid will secure funding over three years to deliver new community activities, improve information and support, and help us to become stronger and more resilient charities.  

The bid is being led by The Aplastic Anaemia Trust on behalf of Alliance members. It should be submitted in March 2022, and we expect a funding decision by June 2022.