Could diabetes tablet preserve telomeres?  

A recent study has suggested that Metformin, a cheap and widely available tablet used to treat common conditions such as diabetes, could have a role in preserving telomere length.

Metformin has been shown to promote telomere repeat-containing ribonucleic acid (TERRA). TERRA is a molecule that protects and preserves the telomeres, via activation of a natural chemical present in cells; AMP kinase.

The authors of the study also point out that exercise such as endurance cycling could have similar benefits on TERRA and telomere health.

Separately, Metformin has been suggested to be beneficial in pulmonary fibrosis, another concern for those affected by dyskeratosis congenita.

Despite these potential benefits, Metformin has not yet been tested in patients with dyskeratosis congenita or in those at risk. It is clear that more research is needed: every advancement in this area is a step forward for DC patients.

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