About Dyskeratosis Congenita (DC)

DC is a genetic condition that causes premature ageing of cells and organs.

Dyskeratosis congenita is an inherited condition which causes premature ageing of cells and organs due to telomere (the tips of chromosomes) repair abnormalities. This condition can lead to bone marrow failure (anaemia, low white blood count and platelet-blood clotting problems), lung fibrosis, liver cirrhosis and other conditions. It can severely affect children, as well as adults later in life. To find out more, please click on 'Dyskeratosis Congenita' in the menu bar above.

Our focus

DC Action is a UK Registered Charity (Charity Number 1167150). At DC Action, we focus our efforts on three core areas:

Our advocacy work focuses on research and expert care and treatments.


We aim to raise awareness of DC amongst medical professionals, patients and the public.


We provide support and advice for people affected by Dyskeratosis Congenita.

Our Team

Professor Inderjeet Dokal
Professor Inderjeet Dokal
Medical Advisor
Dr. Hilary Longhurst
Dr. Hilary Longhurst
Co-founder & Medical Advisor
Dr. Jane Paxton
Dr. Jane Paxton
Scientific Advisor & Trustee
Professor Tom Vulliamy
Professor Tom Vulliamy
Scientific Advisor

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